The current state of my brain that is…emotionally and physically exhausted today.

I’m attempting to write a piece on mental health disorders as I seek for normalization of the topic. We as a 1st world society have made immaculate progress over the past decade but there is much more to be done.  Research, eliminating taboo around the topic, having these diseases recognised as REAL and as something that truly affects the quality of people’s lives just to name a few. I will be sharing my long piece this week, most likely on Wednesday (the 5th of April). The first post will feature some personal stories, statistics and facts about Mental Health diseases and some thoughts I’ve had. My brain is quite literally foggy today as a result of an intense panic attack I had this morning. I may have also had an amazing weekend and hit a wall as reality struck along with stress. Either way a much more intriguing piece will be available soon and I hope it’ll be read by SOMEONE/ANYONE who may be able to relate, learn or understand the topic better because of what I am about to express.

Shout out to my manz for changing the sheets and bringing home dinner on a day like today. Also opening up about my mental health has made me realise how genuine my friends, partner and family all are, thank you. \\ XX- Yeni












2017 – Uncertainty

As I write this I sit an ponder what will come along with this year. I’m currently waiting to receive my EAD card so that I can legally begin work again (the immigrant struggle). It’s been an exhausting few months hence why I figured I may need an outlet to express creativity and keep myself sane until I have the opportunity to apply for jobs and focus on my career full on. Not to mention I’m not a 100% sure I know what I want besides not being stuck in a corporate cycle until I’m 70…which means taking a non-traditional but perhaps more exciting approach to life.

This past year was really a disaster for society in various ways, but more importantly I hope we learned something, I know I did. One of the main reasons I felt like writing content for a personal blog was to perhaps help others in the process. And like the cliché goes if I can make one person feel empowered or stronger in their shell, I’d feel I’ve accomplished a goal.

So the content I’m planning to share will hopefully include fun and light subjects such as movie and book recommendations while also digging deeper and sharing my mental health and how its affected my life. What I hope to shine light on is the normalization of these often ‘invisible’ conditions that an estimated 450 million people in the world struggle with. Long term or short term I believe support, understanding and eliminating shame around these illnesses could help many.

I would love to hear peoples reactions and don’t be afraid to ask questions (assuming I’ll be successful in accumulating readers)!

Kram- Jenny / Yeni

P.S. Yes that’s a random picture of me and sadly the only recent picture that isn’t a snapchat video. 15857499_1462905503719552_2097654265_o