The current state of my brain that is…emotionally and physically exhausted today.

I’m attempting to write a piece on mental health disorders as I seek for normalization of the topic. We as a 1st world society have made immaculate progress over the past decade but there is much more to be done.  Research, eliminating taboo around the topic, having these diseases recognised as REAL and as something that truly affects the quality of people’s lives just to name a few. I will be sharing my long piece this week, most likely on Wednesday (the 5th of April). The first post will feature some personal stories, statistics and facts about Mental Health diseases and some thoughts I’ve had. My brain is quite literally foggy today as a result of an intense panic attack I had this morning. I may have also had an amazing weekend and hit a wall as reality struck along with stress. Either way a much more intriguing piece will be available soon and I hope it’ll be read by SOMEONE/ANYONE who may be able to relate, learn or understand the topic better because of what I am about to express.

Shout out to my manz for changing the sheets and bringing home dinner on a day like today. Also opening up about my mental health has made me realise how genuine my friends, partner and family all are, thank you. \\ XX- Yeni














Well well well, it’s been a while (AGAIN WTF WHY AM I SO LAZY) so now I am going to write a little about my weekend in Hangö, (hanko in finnish, a city in southern finland) I’d say it’s the finnish version of The Hamptons lol. So when I’m here I consider that my hamptons hehe

Well we had a jolly good time at the regatta which takes place every year in Hangö!As usual lots of peeps mostly from the Helsinki area were there either to sail (yeah right) or to get really drunk and party hardy. Well the great thing about this happening is always seeing A TON of friends and people you know which obviously results in a good time hehe. So needless to say we were clubbing, after partying, drinking in the streets etc. I cut my finger as well which made me laugh and bleed for over an hour, normal.

We were supposed to stay all weekend but we were so hangover and the driver of the trip, Henrietta had to get home so we left on saturday instead of Sunday, which was totally fine by me. Me and Linn ended up having a movie/gossip/let’s be weird night and ate a ton in front of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I rode my bike home around 2am so we had a good time being fools.

Today I slept in and went to meet up with Tessa in town. We sat down by Esplanads parken aka. a park by Esplanad gatan (a street) in the middle of Helsinki, got ourselves some milkshakes, just enjoyed the sun and talked about allt och inget!skönt:)

Earlier this week I’ve been hanging out with my peeps, seen the movie hangover 3 (hilarious!) with Etta & Linn, went out wednesday night with a few friends, had dinner with some peeeps, got a “freelance” job, and celebrated 4th of July a tad bit!And did a bunch of other things but I’m really too tired to think back lol.

Also bought two cool things which I will post about in a sec!

Take care lovelies!







I wish i woke up in a new Bugatti….

SO once again life took over and handed me too many drinks but too little spare time.

Thursday night got crazy and I ended up partying for almost 24h, there was a blizzard and we were still at the after party by the time my 9am started so there was no way I could have made it. Had a good time all in all. Thursday-Friday’s heavy amounts of toxins did no good to my cold and made my fever even worse, I took the weekend off. As soon as I got home friday night (from thursday nights after party lmao, good looks) I died and just laid down, I woke up on saturday with the worst “hangover”/fever ever, fainted twice but after a lot of rest and C-vitamin avec Advil I was back on my feet on saturday night, but as I mentioned I didn’t go out, a bunch of my friends did so I walked down to Marquee with them since it’s only a few blocks away, smoked a cigarette with them and walked home.

Saturday night/Sunday morning I hanged out with a friend and then “K” visited me and we watched movies, and did other fun shenanigans all day, exactly what I needed.

Monday went pretty smoothly, I got all my work done and I got a few papers back in my photography class, nailed all 3 of them, 3/3 100’s!Be proud mom!

Monday night I was planning on staying in but my friends convinced me to go out, I’m happy I went, it was nice seeing Rachel and her bf Will who is visiting from Texas together, cutest people hehe. I also ran into dominique who I have class with and who happens to be friends with some of my friends, small world. Ran into a lot of familiar faces, the music was pretty good at both Avenue and Dream. My only complaint is that I broke my jeans but all the free food we got at our neighborhood deli made up for it hehe, ate like a horse, let’s not talk about it lol…

Today I was being productive, got all my laundry and cleaning done finally. Once K was done with work he came over to keep me company, we got chinese and were supposed to watch this new show called House Of Cards but ended up watching crazy asians on youtube, love them asians….and then we fell asleep for 4 hours, whoopsie. If anyone is currently watching the show please let me know how it is!

Now I’m gna have some ice cream and hibernate, if I can still fall asleep after that nap, wish me luck.

Here’s some pictures from last night, can’t wait to get my disposable camera pics produced…thats not the word is it?whatever I’ll figure it out when I’m not tired k byeee