Flood Warnings and Taco’s

It’s the very first Friday of May which happens to be Cinco De Mayo this year and it’s down pouring, nice. Of course my thoughts are consumed with tacos but I’m working from home and trying to avoid seamless for the sake of my bank account. I’d also assume Mexican Restaurants have an insane demand at this given moment to add to this equation of things.

I decided to pull up my adult pants and scavenged through my fridge. Luckily I eat tacos often enough where I always have soft tacos in the fridge or freezer and your girl never skips the avocados (especially when they’re in season). Add some sriracha and an egg (not claiming this is a traditional taco) and boom you have a simple yet delicious lunch. I also  made some corn in a cup which may be my favorite little side dish to make in a matter of minutes (you can cheat with frozen corn from the bag).

P.S.I enjoy food a lot but wouldn’t claim I’m a good cook, which is kind of the point of this post, if I can do it, you can! Although I did learn how to cook up the basics unlike some millennials I’ve met (my first roommate asked how to make tea once…). My culinary talents shine brighter on the baking front. Will share some pancake, crepe and banana bread recipes in the near future!



A Korean skin care MIRACLE

Far too often I plan a trip to Sephora with a great game plan in mind which quickly fails   as the lack of self control emerges as I see isles filled with goodies I most certainly do not NEED. Luckily I’ve become more responsible and knowledgeable about which products I prefer and which suit my skin. However, every once in a while I urge to switch up my beauty regimen or target a certain problem, in which case I’d go on a hunt for a new product, exciting yet dangerous times (*bank account weeps*).

I’ll get to the point now…I have fair, clear skin and lucky enough to deal with fairly minimal breakouts but I’ve always tried to hydrate my dry skin to achieve a nice glow. When I turned 20 (and got my IUD) my skin did change a fair bit and I started getting hormonal breakouts which made me very reluctant to try new products and I stuck to oils for a long time. What I recently found out while shopping at Sephora’s Soho location was that oils are great for elasticity but don’t necessarily penetrate the skin deep enough to avoid issues with dry skin.

The solution?

A woman named Natasha who introduced me to Amor Pacifico’s night mask! Unlike most moisturizing products it doesn’t contain water but instead bamboo extract which is great for nourishing dry skin. She advised I use it at night (obviously) but also during the day when it’s dry and cold. Let me tell you, I’ve tried so many moisturizers yet never achieved such great results that keep dry skin at bay. Another favorite, also pictured below are Tony Moly masks, these seem to have spread all over the U.S. recently and rightfully so!

Any Korean skincare experts out there? Looking to learn more about products available, unfortunately a lot of the packaging only has korean labeling so it’s difficult to navigate towards the right products online.








Ljusrött – Pink

You may acknowledge that I’m late to the trend but I have yet to fall in love with this year’s Pantone color: Greenery. Even the name sounds unappealing as much as I personally tend to like green (besides hating lime/light greens in any clothing and/or decor).

Last year’s Rose Quartz on the other hand was intriguing and for the first time in my whole entire (still relatively short) existence I fell in love with Pink out of all colors. I even started purchasing pink items such as my favorite Stella McCartney sneakers and was eager to decorate with rose colored accessories but Alex didn’t feel my tumlr pink teen vibes, meh.

Here is some PINK inspiration that I continue to obsesses over, Pinterest finds:

sketch london661c7531f5600a54aa8b22bf0b9b301f

In case you were wondering, the dining room pictured above is located at Sketch in London. I did not take this photograph however I have been there before and can tell you the whole place is very appealing, perhaps i’ll write a separate post on the town-house gone tea parlor/restaurant/bar. Although if you follow any social media trends you may already be familiar.

-My camera roll is filled with ROSA too –


Comeback season

I have finally made a schedule and laid out material to post. I shall remain active this time around as I’m well prepared unlike before.

Yesterday I took my “nephew” (family friends kid) to the National Museum Of History. I love that place more than I could ever express! One of my favorite sections is the Mineral & Gems department which is filled with beauty. Such as these (below).

Will be posting about some neighborhood favorites tomorrow to start off a category of favorite NYC restaurants!


The current state of my brain that is…emotionally and physically exhausted today.

I’m attempting to write a piece on mental health disorders as I seek for normalization of the topic. We as a 1st world society have made immaculate progress over the past decade but there is much more to be done.  Research, eliminating taboo around the topic, having these diseases recognised as REAL and as something that truly affects the quality of people’s lives just to name a few. I will be sharing my long piece this week, most likely on Wednesday (the 5th of April). The first post will feature some personal stories, statistics and facts about Mental Health diseases and some thoughts I’ve had. My brain is quite literally foggy today as a result of an intense panic attack I had this morning. I may have also had an amazing weekend and hit a wall as reality struck along with stress. Either way a much more intriguing piece will be available soon and I hope it’ll be read by SOMEONE/ANYONE who may be able to relate, learn or understand the topic better because of what I am about to express.

Shout out to my manz for changing the sheets and bringing home dinner on a day like today. Also opening up about my mental health has made me realise how genuine my friends, partner and family all are, thank you. \\ XX- Yeni











M- A – T ! (aka. FOOD)

Personally I didn’t always have the healthiest relationship with food nor nutrition, especially since I struggled with Bulimia for quite some time. I was lucky enough to recover which included building a good relationship with food which has become somewhat of a passion these days. Growing up traveling a lot I’ve never been shy to try new dishes, something that still runs deep. My cooking skills are still evolving but all I know I owe to my mother and grandmother who I observed growing up, tack!

In an attempt to start writing daily I wish to share some favorite recipes of mine as well as recommendations (mostly in NYC) on  where to dine based on budget, cuisine, atmosphere etc.! I’ll share some good (ok fine…decent) images along with my posts to make them more visually appealing.


A lunch Salad at Cafe Clover.

Sneak peek

Currently writing a post on Maui and recommendations but because my schedule is non-stop I’m taking my sweeeeet time.I’m also waiting  to receive some pictures I took on two cheap disposable cameras (so fun, yet usually a disappointment). In the meantime I’ll share a few pictures, btw I was a moron and lazy enough that I forgot/ignored the fact that I was using a portrait lens all week. One afternoon we spotted the sun setting off in the horizon and I was in disbelief of how the sun could appear so large, I took a mental photograph instead due to my lack of equipment. Same goes for the stars, the stars were purely magical and for someone who always enjoyed astronomy and more recently science, I was blown away. I think a tri-/mono pod needs to be purchased in the near future and perhaps I need to re-invest in a camera/lenses. But immigration needs to come through with the work documentation first hehe.