Brunch with the J’s – Volume II


My second feature is Charlie Bird in Soho, New York. 

“Charlie Bird means New York” is a statement you’ll find quoted on their website and it’s quite easy to grasp that feeling as soon as you step up to the hostess stand.

The restaurant which serves Italian influenced American fare has that cool Downtown New York vibe. The chic retro yet modern decor curated by Leroy Street Studio (as I discovered through Architectural Digest) includes beautiful leather seats, exposed brick, settle ‘neon’ signs, a sleek white marble bar and just the right amount of hardware details. Accompany this with a hip- hop/R&B playlist and an above moderately priced menu and you may see it’s quite fitting for a neighborhood like Soho where laid back chic and luxury mix well.

The focal point (the food and drinks of course) are nothing short of amazing. I have yet to return for dinner but I’ve heard nothing but pleasant comments about the extensive wine (and food) menu, which is no surprise considering the men behind it. You’ll definitely be able to enjoy an early brunch here and truly scope out the restaurant but I would recommend making a reservation if you decide on dinner for the sake of your sanity.

The staff includes: Sommelier/Hospitality Experts Robert Bohr and Grant Reynolds and Chef Ryan Hardy. You should check out the rest of the staff here, they make Charlie Bird the amazing destination it is, which in my humble opinion is just what they aim to be “a neighborhood favorite”.

Below are the brunch items Jamie and I shared on a lovely Saturday a few weeks back.

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We started off with the Roasted Wine Grape Focaccia served with Honey and Riccotta, the picture doesn’t do the consistency justice. This beauty was devoured in .2 seconds…

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Processed with Rookie Cam

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  1. Well Fleet Oysters – with Spring Onion Vinegar & Japanese Spring Blossom Bellinis (nice and dry without that sweetness you often get with most cocktails, perfect brunch drink).
  2. Rigatoni – accompanied by suckling Pig, fennel and Chiles.
  3. Poached Egg avec. Polenta, Spring Onion and Parmigiano.

We shared the above which was a comfortable amount of food for two ladies, everything was fresh, delicious and not the least  bit boring. The restaurant’s dedication to source local and organic produce shows.

Cheers – JP