Vanity Inspiration

A few days ago I downloaded the The life changing method of tidying based on the Konmari Method created by its author Marie Kondo. So far so good, my problem is finding the time to sort through my belongings. Sustainability is important to me so I wouldn’t just fill up garbage bags and toss stuff so I’ve created categories. I’ll share my own summary of the book and my suggestions once I’m done. In the meantime I got lost looking up inspiration for my vanity and how to make it look more organized and less cluttered. Will post before & after pictures once I’ve come up with my final solution.

I don’t own rights to these images, you can find their original links through my board.


The idea of using trays to display a few of my Byredo perfumes (my favorites) and having a small plant and a candle along with SOME not all of my makeup visible would be ideal.

Cheers – Yeni