Flood Warnings and Taco’s

It’s the very first Friday of May which happens to be Cinco De Mayo this year and it’s down pouring, nice. Of course my thoughts are consumed with tacos but I’m working from home and trying to avoid seamless for the sake of my bank account. I’d also assume Mexican Restaurants have an insane demand at this given moment to add to this equation of things.

I decided to pull up my adult pants and scavenged through my fridge. Luckily I eat tacos often enough where I always have soft tacos in the fridge or freezer and your girl never skips the avocados (especially when they’re in season). Add some sriracha and an egg (not claiming this is a traditional taco) and boom you have a simple yet delicious lunch. I also  made some corn in a cup which may be my favorite little side dish to make in a matter of minutes (you can cheat with frozen corn from the bag).

P.S.I enjoy food a lot but wouldn’t claim I’m a good cook, which is kind of the point of this post, if I can do it, you can! Although I did learn how to cook up the basics unlike some millennials I’ve met (my first roommate asked how to make tea once…). My culinary talents shine brighter on the baking front. Will share some pancake, crepe and banana bread recipes in the near future!



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