Ljusrött – Pink

You may acknowledge that I’m late to the trend but I have yet to fall in love with this year’s Pantone color: Greenery. Even the name sounds unappealing as much as I personally tend to like green (besides hating lime/light greens in any clothing and/or decor).

Last year’s Rose Quartz on the other hand was intriguing and for the first time in my whole entire (still relatively short) existence I fell in love with Pink out of all colors. I even started purchasing pink items such as my favorite Stella McCartney sneakers and was eager to decorate with rose colored accessories but Alex didn’t feel my tumlr pink teen vibes, meh.

Here is some PINK inspiration that I continue to obsesses over, Pinterest finds:

sketch london661c7531f5600a54aa8b22bf0b9b301f

In case you were wondering, the dining room pictured above is located at Sketch in London. I did not take this photograph however I have been there before and can tell you the whole place is very appealing, perhaps i’ll write a separate post on the town-house gone tea parlor/restaurant/bar. Although if you follow any social media trends you may already be familiar.

-My camera roll is filled with ROSA too –



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