A Korean skin care MIRACLE

Far too often I plan a trip to Sephora with a great game plan in mind which quickly fails   as the lack of self control emerges as I see isles filled with goodies I most certainly do not NEED. Luckily I’ve become more responsible and knowledgeable about which products I prefer and which suit my skin. However, every once in a while I urge to switch up my beauty regimen or target a certain problem, in which case I’d go on a hunt for a new product, exciting yet dangerous times (*bank account weeps*).

I’ll get to the point now…I have fair, clear skin and lucky enough to deal with fairly minimal breakouts but I’ve always tried to hydrate my dry skin to achieve a nice glow. When I turned 20 (and got my IUD) my skin did change a fair bit and I started getting hormonal breakouts which made me very reluctant to try new products and I stuck to oils for a long time. What I recently found out while shopping at Sephora’s Soho location was that oils are great for elasticity but don’t necessarily penetrate the skin deep enough to avoid issues with dry skin.

The solution?

A woman named Natasha who introduced me to Amor Pacifico’s night mask! Unlike most moisturizing products it doesn’t contain water but instead bamboo extract which is great for nourishing dry skin. She advised I use it at night (obviously) but also during the day when it’s dry and cold. Let me tell you, I’ve tried so many moisturizers yet never achieved such great results that keep dry skin at bay. Another favorite, also pictured below are Tony Moly masks, these seem to have spread all over the U.S. recently and rightfully so!

Any Korean skincare experts out there? Looking to learn more about products available, unfortunately a lot of the packaging only has korean labeling so it’s difficult to navigate towards the right products online.









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