Sneak peek

Currently writing a post on Maui and recommendations but because my schedule is non-stop I’m taking my sweeeeet time.I’m also waiting  to receive some pictures I took on two cheap disposable cameras (so fun, yet usually a disappointment). In the meantime I’ll share a few pictures, btw I was a moron and lazy enough that I forgot/ignored the fact that I was using a portrait lens all week. One afternoon we spotted the sun setting off in the horizon and I was in disbelief of how the sun could appear so large, I took a mental photograph instead due to my lack of equipment. Same goes for the stars, the stars were purely magical and for someone who always enjoyed astronomy and more recently science, I was blown away. I think a tri-/mono pod needs to be purchased in the near future and perhaps I need to re-invest in a camera/lenses. But immigration needs to come through with the work documentation first hehe.



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