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Currently writing a post on Maui and recommendations but because my schedule is non-stop I’m taking my sweeeeet time.I’m also waiting  to receive some pictures I took on two cheap disposable cameras (so fun, yet usually a disappointment). In the meantime I’ll share a few pictures, btw I was a moron and lazy enough that I forgot/ignored the fact that I was using a portrait lens all week. One afternoon we spotted the sun setting off in the horizon and I was in disbelief of how the sun could appear so large, I took a mental photograph instead due to my lack of equipment. Same goes for the stars, the stars were purely magical and for someone who always enjoyed astronomy and more recently science, I was blown away. I think a tri-/mono pod needs to be purchased in the near future and perhaps I need to re-invest in a camera/lenses. But immigration needs to come through with the work documentation first hehe.



Maui Wowie

Sorry I’ve been absent for a bit. Busy figuring out visa stuff and doing re-search on a million and one things. Not to mention frantically reading about what our new President is proposing. Nothing great so far unless you’re against Climate Change & Women. 😭

I will write a little travel post on Maui which we visited earlier this month. Which was nothing short of amazing ✨

Here’s a little sneak peak boomerang from the trip. 

Go-to Skincare

There’s a reason I rang up as a VIB Rouge at Sephora this past Calendar year. I buy unnecessary make-up products, something I’m sure many can relate to (stupid consumerism….) but what I’m really a sucker for is; skin care products.

I try new oils and moisturizers like it’s my job, slowly but surely marketers have nailed me in the head with that ‘feel like a million dollar’ crap. However as someone who went from perfect doll skin to having my IUD play a ball game with my hormones (among other factors.) I sought out products that would help me fight off hormonal acne. While we’re on that, one thing outside of my skin care routine that deserves a shout out is Maca powder and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar which are both awful tasting but quite the unsung heroes! If anyone cares to hear more about diet changes that have helped more than my gut please request so!

However on to the products I ALWAYS re-stock and love for my dry, sensitive and relatively clear skin excluding hormonal breakouts that is.

Cleanser: Boscia Purifying Cleanser – Super Gentle, doesn’t strip my skins natural oils yet keeps breakouts away and has a settle scent, which I like. At 28$ it’s reasonably priced and lasts a long time. Currently on my 3rd bottle!Eager to try their Oil Cleanser next.

Toner: Caudalie Moisturizing Toner – Once again, gentle, smells fresh and clean, leaves skin soft rather than stripped. I use this in the morning to re-fresh my skin and occasionally at night either before or after showering/cleansing my skin more thoroughly. In the U.S. I’ve paid just under 30$ for it.

Facial Oil: REN Vita Mineral – After trying out different oils of different price points from various brands I finally kept this as a staple in my skin care routine. It has a light scent, feels amazing and hydrates well. I fell in love with REN products after trying samples I’d receive on Scandinavian Airlines flights and was pleased to see that Sephora among other beauty retailers carry them in New York (was however upset I couldn’t find anyone carrying REN anymore in Helsinki during a visit home).

Moisturizer: REN Ultra-Moisture Day Cream – TBH I ordered this for Alex but have been using it here and there recently along with my Ren oil. It smells super nice and is rich without feeling too heavy. May really consider ordering this for myself next time I stock up!This and the oil ran a similar price point around $50.

Eyecream: Origins GinZing Eye Cream – An unusual essential I just re-purchased and lasts me ages is Origins GinZing Eyecream. A Product I’d only recommend using in the morning either before applying makeup or if you want that extra glow, need a de-puffing product. It has a slight glow/shimmer which seems to bother some but I personally am a big fan of, I have a few other products which I’d highly recommend using around the eyes which I will include in a separate post. Sells for around 30$ at most retailers.

SPF: La Roche Posay Mineral Sunscreen – I seem to be either highly sensitive or allergic to Oxybenzone, which I firmly believe everyone should avoid when choosing a sunscreen. I try to use sunscreen daily which I’ve surprisingly been semi successful at. I switched to Mineral sunscreen a few years back and like this one a lot, it can def leave your face looking a little white but less than most mineral sunscreens, lasts a long time despite its small packaging and blends well with other moisturizers. 25-30$

Body: Neutrogena Body Oil – Inexpensive, great after showers, easy to convince boyfriend to rub on your back (lol), decent smell and easy to stock up on at most pharmacies, grocery stores etc. I have a hard time spending a lot on a body moisturizer unless its scented like one of my favorite perfumes so therefore this has become a go-to!6-9$.

Please feel free to ask questions!I think my next beauty post will feature products that deserve a feature despite not receiving a re-stock on my vanity shelves.

Kram – Yeni

Favorite Books I read in 2016 – PART I

I’ve joyfully gotten more into reading lately and figured I’d share some of the books I enjoyed this year. My taste in books tend to lean towards non-fiction or fiction with a sense of reality. I always favor a thriller, often by Scandinavian authors, will share a few in my follow up post despite reading them in Swedish (my first language along Finnish). Here are the first three in no particular order!

Let’s start with one most of you may be familiar with:

‘The Girl on the Train’- Paula Hawkins 

It was causing a lot of attention in the media and a family friend had just finished the book and offered me her copy. Within a few days I had finished the book simply by bringing it along for my commute, a quick read in other words. It progresses in an interesting way, the gloomy British setting perfectly allows you to imagine Rachel’s surroundings and observations. Personally my favorite asset to this story was how your conception of the characters change and you can’t help but look back at all the details that formed clues of what were to come. It perfectly portrays how we often judge people based on what we see meanwhile dismissing their possibly painful background. Available here among other websites and many bookstores!


The one that made me shiver:

People Who Eat Darkness’ – Richard Lloyd Parry

A non-fiction thriller which is based in the early 2000’s and portrays the chilling search of Lucie Blackman, a tall, blonde, British woman who goes missing in Tokyo. It shines light on hostess clubs and sex work in the surrounding scenes of Roppongi. Lucie isn’t an escort but a former flight attendant working as a hostess who’s job was to entertain men by spending time with them in the club, lighting their cigarettes, laughing at their jokes, pouring their drinks the whole “girlfriend experience” essentially. As a girl living on her own since 18 in a big city I’ve seen my fair share of seamy settings so I wasn’t as shocked as many may be reading this book but even more so disgusted. It’s quite chilling to read this while I was 21 and was heavily considering moving to Japan (and no this book didn’t affect my decision making). I respect the way author Richard Lloyd Parry personally followed the investigation while it was on-going and made sure to point out every single clue that did exist without exaggerating the facts despite there being a lot of missing pieces until the very end. What makes each chapter interesting is the focus on other characters and how they were perceived by the media throughout the investigation (the Blackman family especially) along with background stories of what led Lucie to change the course of her life by moving to Japan. You can buy the book here.


The one that introduced me to one of my current favorite authors:

‘1Q84’ – Haruki Murakami

This book was a back and forth for me. I first bought it in 2015 while stuck in Oslo at the airport for 6h (!), a thick Murakami book seemed like a great way to kill time. I ended up putting it down over that summer and didn’t fully finish it until 2016 hence it making this list.

Based in Tokyo in 1984 but named 1Q84 for the alternative reality the characters start to experience. The unfolding of a love story between a fitness instructor and assassin named Aomame (‘green peas’ in Japanese) and Tengo; a math teacher and novelist who takes on ghostwriting. A dyslexic girl called Fuka-Eri, a cult among other things/occurrences affect their journey over the course of the year which also re-unites them in this bizarre love tale of sorts. Symbolism, surrealism and magical realism play a big role and in traditional Murakami style references to classical music and composers are made through out. I would personally have enjoyed it more had I been more familiar with the Tokyo surroundings. My partner Alex is half Japanese and despite being born in America he’s spent time living in Japan (Tokyo to be more exact) as an young adult and is familiar with the locations Tengo and Aomame visit. I remember trying so hard to imagine these places without actually being familiar with them. If I ever get to spend a greater amount of time in Japan I’d go back and read this book hence feeling I lost out on a significant focus. Its also available on amazon like the two above and in bookstores around the world.



Will be featuring a few more in the next few days to come!

XX- Yeni

2017 – Uncertainty

As I write this I sit an ponder what will come along with this year. I’m currently waiting to receive my EAD card so that I can legally begin work again (the immigrant struggle). It’s been an exhausting few months hence why I figured I may need an outlet to express creativity and keep myself sane until I have the opportunity to apply for jobs and focus on my career full on. Not to mention I’m not a 100% sure I know what I want besides not being stuck in a corporate cycle until I’m 70…which means taking a non-traditional but perhaps more exciting approach to life.

This past year was really a disaster for society in various ways, but more importantly I hope we learned something, I know I did. One of the main reasons I felt like writing content for a personal blog was to perhaps help others in the process. And like the cliché goes if I can make one person feel empowered or stronger in their shell, I’d feel I’ve accomplished a goal.

So the content I’m planning to share will hopefully include fun and light subjects such as movie and book recommendations while also digging deeper and sharing my mental health and how its affected my life. What I hope to shine light on is the normalization of these often ‘invisible’ conditions that an estimated 450 million people in the world struggle with. Long term or short term I believe support, understanding and eliminating shame around these illnesses could help many.

I would love to hear peoples reactions and don’t be afraid to ask questions (assuming I’ll be successful in accumulating readers)!

Kram- Jenny / Yeni

P.S. Yes that’s a random picture of me and sadly the only recent picture that isn’t a snapchat video. 15857499_1462905503719552_2097654265_o