Full circle

As you can tell I haven’t written anything in a hot minute…well I figured I’d pick up the habit again, however this time I’ll try to write about things that actually interest me and hopefully I’ll get some people somewhat involved (would love to see responses from people with similar interest, if my posts are even seen by ANYONE for that matter XD).

I’m in a very odd place in my life right now where I feel like I want to do some independent studying on art, design and photography. I’m currently enrolled in an internship program but it’s been very on and off. In the mean time I’ve kept busy watching a family friends kid; Stellan aka. the cutest little boy you’ll ever meet!Besides that I’ve been trying to get back to exercising and ofc spending time at my night job to actually support myself and remaining financially independent. To add to all the craziness I just turned 21 (!) which still feels odd as I feel like I have to act the part…which is usually easy being that I’ve been living thousands of miles from my parents for years. It’s just that I tend to blame a lot on being young meanwhile I still feel an enormous pressure to be progressing within a desired career since I’m not enrolled in school at the moment. Ok enough for now, please check back soon when I have far more interesting material to offer hehe

P.S. The picture featured is me hanging out with a doll during our walk home from Greenpoint yesterday, clearly still figuring out life.

xx – Yeni


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