Art in society?

We could look at art as humans and I suppose to some extent us humans are a form of art ourselves.

Coveted art to me might differentiate from what you consider coveted/desired etc. We all like different types of art just like we all have our own taste in music, fashion, food/cuisine, people etc. Personally contemporary art is my favorite but one of my favorite subjects in school was art history which taught me the beauty and story behind every painting. Renaissance art for instance isn’t my favorite or something I’d necessary hang in my own apartment but the history and story of that period of time holds so much to it. I find people who love art more deeply in touch with many elements of life, sounds awfully clichĂ© and maybe even a little dumb but i truly think appreciating one and another’s work gives society more passion and understanding. We understand more about previous centuries and see change through art.

Anyways I don’t know why I started writing this little piece but my point that I wanted to get at was that it makes me a little sad how much art is held in storage spaces at museums rather than being displayed. A great read about this could be found here!

For instance; one of my favorite pieces at the MoMa is not currently ‘on view’ but was displayed last year; Leger’s “Three Women”. MoMa does a pretty good job “recycling” the art they own but many museums rarely ever showcase the majority of art they own.


The color’s are much more empowering in person.

X – Jenny


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