Mary Ellen Mark

She has been an inspiration of mine for years, when I heard the devastating news that she had past away I felt the need to start photographing again. I’ve had Japan on my mind for a while, documenting the culture and lifestyle there.

Mark had a raw take on photography, she didn’t “sugar coat” her pictures, she was fearless and showcased things as they were. She is one of few to capture beauty in uncertain, sometimes scary and dangerous environments. She would often photograph those who had “less advantages in life” as journalist Natasha Vargas-Cooper mentions in her article; “My favorite photographer Mary Ellen Mark has died”.

Mark inspires me to pick up my camera and do what I really thrive to do in this short lifetime. Sure I’m looking to work for an advertising agency in the near future and staying in New York but before I turn 25 I’ve decided I need to follow some of my true passions.

RIP to this beautiful human, take a look at her amazing story telling photographs. They are truly fascinating. You can read her obituary on NYtimes here!




You can find her photographs on her website, any of her books, exhibitions that might be shown or simply by googling her name.


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