Attention to detail.

I believe many people forget about how important the storage of our credit card, ID etc. is-

Over the years I tried oh so hard to fall in love with the big wallets that would fit all my gift cards, credit & debit cards, ID’s, coupons  (lol jk I’m not good at saving money), reward cards etc. But as I’ve gotten older and technology has improved through out the years I’ve realized that 98% of the time I only need some form of ID, which is usually my license (and school ID), credit & debit card and possibly something else that I know I might need such as a metro card (being that I live in New York.) I don’t believe in cash as I tend to lose it and ever since banks started creating apps for our smartphones we’ve been able to keep up with how much we’re spending by just signing into our online bank that is always there right in our phones. EASY. So what I’ve really set my eyes on are cute, simple little cardholders that basically work as wallets but take far less space. Technology people, let go of your rewards cards, duane reade will have your information in their computer system or if you like to be old fashioned get the key chain “card”.

Here are some cardholders I personally like;

Saint Lauren available in a beautiful electric Blue, tangy Orange and Black.

(available on



2. Alexander McQueen – Skull envelope cardholder.



& another one…




(Both available Alexander Mcqueen’s website & Barney’s, there are many more colors and styles to choose from.)

3. Prada – Business Cardholder.



(available in Prada e-store.)

4. Salvatore Ferragamo’Safari’ Leather Card Case



(available at Nordstroms)

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Cardholder.

(available in more colors, can be bought at Nordstrom or Marc by Marc Jacobs)




Skål for bringing back the essentials and cutting the bullshit, xx. – Yeni



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