Lande & Vänner.

I’ve spent my time well this weekend and last week enjoying my best friends (as in several great people’s company). They drive me crazy in a good way where I feel like I want to pack them all in a bag and have them live in Chelsea with me!

Well however, the beauty about seeing your childhood/best friends approx. a few times a year (a few weeks) is that I really appreciate every single time more than I would if I saw them on a regular basis, as I mentioned before it’s sometimes hard to always be apart from a bunch of people I love but that’s life pals.

This weekend me an 7 girlfriends spent the weekend out on the countryside close to a “city/town” called Savonlinna, my friend Alina and her family has a really nice summer place there and we decided to all take a weekend off and just drink, swim, play a bunch of great games and trivias, go in the sauna, catch up, eat well, dance, and take the 5h road trip there!

I’ll post pictures another day and go a little more into detail about our weekend getaway >when I have time aka. when I feel like uploading them, TACK FLICKORNA, one of the very best weekends this summer!xx



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