The past weeks.

The past few weeks I’ve mostly spent time with friends and family.

I’ve been driving more than usual since we’re selling the car I drive, the X1.

I just want to be able to get some use out of it while I still can, I’ll miss having a car here whenever I visit home but seems as if my parents are moving within a few years anyways so I guess I won’t miss it here that much since they will no longer live in my childhood home. Sometimes I hate change.

On the bright side me and my roommate found an apartment in Chelsea very close to school which we are renting from August on, I will be moving in around mid-august, can NOT wait!

I’ve also worked a little, not that I like it one bit, waitressing every now and then wouldn’t be that bad if I wasn’t always the one CLEANING. It beats not having a job but I really can not wait to apply for internships in the spring, do something that I’m interested in.

I’ve gone out with friends but i haven’t really taken any pictures and I’ve also been sober for the most part, usually I prefer tequila and Mojito’s in the summer. A picture from last summer.

I also saw my cousin Daniela for the first time in 2 years yesterday, she was in Indiana for a year and before she left last year I was in NY so we haven’t had a chance to see each other since. Sometimes you give up precious family time when you live thousands of miles from your family.


xx- jenny


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