Sneak Peak of my trip to Asia this summer

So me and my family spent some time in Bangkok and Hong kong this summer; I’m having problems uploading pictures but here’s a little pre-view!



As I just mentioned I’m having major problems saving the pictures as my mac is going bat shit crazy ughh. My warranty just went out so I REALLY hope my computer isn’t shutting down on me, these things should have a 5 year warranty at least. Apple I am a little disappointed, I’ve already had my screen replaced once and it wasn’t because I mistreated my macbook. I only got this mac (macbook pro 15′ with Retina screen) a year ago and the mac I had before this one (a macbook air) had water damage, which however was fully my fault.

You can purchase an insurance from apple but it still doesn’t cover all damage, such as water damage so I think it’s kind of a rip-off. Hopefully I can keep this one for at least 2-4 years since these things aren’t cheap and I love all the features of it.

xx- Jenny


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