Keeping warm Fall 2013

Keeping warm Fall 2013

Acne jacket


I’m dreaming about a grey wool jacket, many were seen on the runway for Fall 2013, I also love fur vests and really want my own, the tux trend is also hit if you ask me, and the leatherjacket is a classic, the Acne biker jackets will never get old, love!Hopefully I can splurge on one of these items to keep me warm this Fall!

However as a fashion student balling on a budget who yet wants to look good this Fall I realized I have to start putting some thought in my purchases.

A few tips from an amateur on a budget:

1. Store things, you never know when a trend will make a 360 or you’ll fall in love with an old item of yours!

2. ….or sell it, if it’s an ugly sweater you got on sale and never even considered wearing you probably never will. Second hand shops are your friend.

3. Less crap more quality. Splurge when it comes to essentials, why buy a pair of black boots every year, save money for something more fun!

4. Try a trend, if you see a fun trend in sight don’t splurge only to find out the color of the season looks bad on you. Try on different versions and if it’s a trend you don’t believe is going to stick around very long just go with a big retail store like H&M.

5. Build your dream closet, most of us can’t afford a brand new jacket, boots, bag, gloves, hat, etc. every season so instead of going the cheap way, once again, invest. Buy a great coat this year and next year you could splurge on a pair of boots!As long as your style doesn’t change like the color of the leaves.

6. Transform. Early in the fall it’s still usually warm enough for New Yorkers at least to just wear warm accessories like gloves and scarves over cardigans or thin jackets or why not blazers. A cheap way to change your day-to-day look is accessorizing.

That’s just a few ideas I had in mind, pretty obvious one’s but I’m trying to convince myself to listen to my own advice as well so let’s see how that goes!

xx- Jenny


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