Well well well, it’s been a while (AGAIN WTF WHY AM I SO LAZY) so now I am going to write a little about my weekend in Hangö, (hanko in finnish, a city in southern finland) I’d say it’s the finnish version of The Hamptons lol. So when I’m here I consider that my hamptons hehe

Well we had a jolly good time at the regatta which takes place every year in Hangö!As usual lots of peeps mostly from the Helsinki area were there either to sail (yeah right) or to get really drunk and party hardy. Well the great thing about this happening is always seeing A TON of friends and people you know which obviously results in a good time hehe. So needless to say we were clubbing, after partying, drinking in the streets etc. I cut my finger as well which made me laugh and bleed for over an hour, normal.

We were supposed to stay all weekend but we were so hangover and the driver of the trip, Henrietta had to get home so we left on saturday instead of Sunday, which was totally fine by me. Me and Linn ended up having a movie/gossip/let’s be weird night and ate a ton in front of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I rode my bike home around 2am so we had a good time being fools.

Today I slept in and went to meet up with Tessa in town. We sat down by Esplanads parken aka. a park by Esplanad gatan (a street) in the middle of Helsinki, got ourselves some milkshakes, just enjoyed the sun and talked about allt och inget!skönt:)

Earlier this week I’ve been hanging out with my peeps, seen the movie hangover 3 (hilarious!) with Etta & Linn, went out wednesday night with a few friends, had dinner with some peeeps, got a “freelance” job, and celebrated 4th of July a tad bit!And did a bunch of other things but I’m really too tired to think back lol.

Also bought two cool things which I will post about in a sec!

Take care lovelies!








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