En route Europe

I am flying to the motherland today, I am very excited but of course I’m quite sad at the same time because during my stay at my aunts house on LI I didn’t have the chance to see all the people I planned to see, but the good news is NY is my current home and I can always visit people at their College’s and vice versa.

I had a successful weekend in NJ, we stayed at an “Inn” by the shore of seaside heights and it wasn’t too bad. I actually had a good time drinking, hanging out, go-carting, drinking more, playing games on the boardwalk, getting dinner with the group etc. We watched the sunrise which was gorgeous. So all in all I had a good weekend. Yesterday I spent my day packing, and I also visited an animal shelter. So I am finally adopting a cat but I do have to wait until I find an apartment. I am SO excited. who even knew that I was a cat person?

As I mentioned earlier I fell in love with cats after spending time with a cat of a friend of mine, they are also more independent and easier to take care of than dogs and since I live in the busiest motherfucking city in the world I figured having a cat would be a lot easier and smarter. I do really like cats even though I never owned one myself.

I’ve done my research so now I just need an apartment and I’ll be a happy kitty owner:)

See you on the other side, aka. EUROPE. Finland to be more exact. can’t wait to see all of you!

xx- Jenny


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