That event where everyone wears formal gowns

So I was invited to go to prom and I thought it might be fun so I was like fuck it let’s go, I borrowed a dress from a family-friend / pretend relative that she wore to her senior prom because I didn’t feel like spending money on a new one. I wore a dark green dress to my own prom last year and this year I’m wearing Beige, not quite my color but I added some black accessories and BAM it looks much better!After prom is at seaside, personally I hate the place but I’m determined to make it fun and tequila plus lots of other drinks always improve things right?

However I’m excited to dress up and I get to see some friends who are in the grade below me so this could actually be fun, I’m finally getting a little excited!

Ik I posted pictures before but here is a picture from last year, my dress was from BCBG and I forgot pretty much all my accessories, typical…I’ll make sure not to do that this year!

Last year I got my hair and make up professionally done, I loved my hair but HATED my make-up, the make-up was so cakey and glittery that i ended up removing it and just wearing, eyeliner, mascara and bronzer haha. This year I’m saving my money and doing it all myself, we all know I’m no magician when it comes to hair but I think I can pull together an updo.


xx- Jenny


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