And there goes the ice-cream.

tumblr_monh18YScJ1s96jreo1_500 tumblr_moop5wZnXW1rm0jiuo4_r1_250 tumblr_mooqvn4wfo1ra0yqso1_500 tumblr_mooqk7zZRF1rmf3hso1_500Sooo needless to say I am THE WORST when it comes to diets. I just end up gaining when meanwhile when I don’t try I usual loose some, but not enough so then I always start dieting and gain weight. Like jeeez life is a struggle, lol jk it’s not but I really hope mom’s healthy cooking back in Finland will give my body a break and I’ll finally loose the chub I’ve gained over this month!

Other than my failed diet I’ve seen lots of friends, been to the city, my latest visit was on monday which was rather interesting but I had lots of fun at good old Avenue, wish I got to stay on Tuesday so I could have seen The Chainsmokers but oh well I’ll see them around.

I also got my laptop back since I had to have the screen replaced because it was very loose and I figured I might as well since my warranty ends this month, bravo Jenny you did something smart for once!

I’ve also examined ALL the Resort 2014 collection and oh mama ME LOVE. Phillip Lim 3.1 makes it seem as if he’s reading my mind, the colors and everything was so on point, please take a look at the beauty on you will NOT regret it!

Ohhh and I’ve become a cat person, it happened just like that. One day I just simply woke up and I LOVED cats, maybe my friends cat has something to do with this considering how well I got along with it but even before that I’ve seen a few kitties and I’ve started to fall in love. So all my cat loving friends, welcome your newest member! #catlady23

…and I should go to sleep it’s concerning how I am wide awake at 5.20am, healthy.

Too much ice-cream and coffee, I wasn’t kidding when I said my diet has fallen to pieces, it barely started.

Hope you enjoyed the kitty action above the text, hehe I don’t own any of the pictures I got them all off tumblr.


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