Coffee Break

So I’m sitting at starbucks waiting for my photos to be printed at walgreens because that’s the only place i had time to go. I’ve been really bad with blogging lately mainly because someone broke my phone at my friends house last week when I was in the bathroom, that’s what you get for leaving your phone among a bunch of wasted people lol. Anyways my point is that I lost all my pictures on my phone and i didnt post/save any pictures for about 2 weeks, and that is also why im not posting 30 pictures on my facebook if anyone was wondering haha…

well besides that I’m great and I have some fun plans for the week, unfortunately I also have to get A LOT of work done, we’ll see how that goes.

Imageme and mat got shake shack yesterday as we were out and about, burgers and beer is like heaven on earth, and yes I’m kind of a man.

I’ll post more tmrw on my day off!so long suckerz

P.S.I got a phone the


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