Emotional attachment

It was a rough night, No.8 was where we partied until 2.30-3am? And then we dragged our asses to electric room right about next door, lots of familiar faces and a lot of fun I just had way too many drinks. Went to my friends apt. For an after party which was fun but I def got too wasted and don’t know how I got home, let alone walked passed the security guards. Ohh lord.

I still haven’t done anything today and it’s 5pm…I just feel like crap and I’ve come to the realization that I fuck up a lot. It’s like I can’t have nice things because I’ll break them except with opportunities and people.

This whole week has consisted of cooking good food and/or eating out at some of our favorite spots and being drunk way too much. Tonight I’m considering drinking straight red bulls no vodka. Lets see if I can pull through with that one.

Happy Easter and Passover to all you people!
Here are some pictures from this week.







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