Chill night home, did laundry picked up my stuff and hanged out with Mr. ADD and ate a lot, that’s literally all I’ve done today, just went out for a smoke with Rach and Amber and saw literally everyone we know in the building haha

I just found this on a random website and it’s SO TRUE!


Last night we did the usual Friday night shenanigans, mat and his friend Jamie came over and the 2 of them, Robyn, Rachel, and me went to Riff Raff’s, saw a lot of familiar faces there, a good times as ushhh

Went to an afterparty late night and saw even more familiar faces, good times, got home ridiculously late, Mat was with me so we woke Amber up and went to McDonalds, interesting drunk food trip to say the least.

Here’s some pictures from last night and a few from Soho from friday afternoon!



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