Loooong weeek

Finally the internet is decent and I can blog.

Anyways I’m sorry for the shitty update I just tried not to blog when I was fucked up and that’s what I’ve been for the past what…. 7 days, good looks Jenny good looks.

Anyways I’ve been going out a lot and doing school work, or been in school. I’ll post some pictures and get into further detail later. Very happy anyways and I had my favorite class tonight, black and white photography. I just love actually taking pictures with a film camera and get goood credit for my work! feel like I’m actually learning a lot and I love going to that class because the professor is fun and his way of teaching delivers.

Here’s some pictures from last week, didn’t take any tn, we were only out for a few hours!It’s still early so me and amber are just going to listen to some music and go to bed soon, hope you’ve all been good!xx






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