Sorry for the bad update nothing has been working my way lately. I’m happy fashion weeks going on…well ending very soon but still. I’ve been sick and super busy so excuse me for not being on top of my game!

Anyways I’ve tried to watch some shows online…

I had some favorites obviously bit I haven’t had the time to watch all the shows so I’m just going to tell you why I liked a few of the ones I saw!

So Marchesa as usual had beautiful, feminine pieces to die for. I’ll get back to you with further opinins etc. but here’s a few pictures!


3.1 Phillip Lim was amazing as well.


A very manly collection, which I like a very put together collection. I love the colors that were used and the way the clothes were layered!


Omg it’s overwhelming to blog for me right now because of the amount of HW I keep thinking about. Anyways the trends from last year seemed to stick around. The leather sleeves, fur details, burgundy color etc. Well at least consumers will be happy as they don’t have to buy a whole new closet?Well not that most of us do that but you get the point…

I’ll get back to you over the weekend, have a great weekend and take some shots for me hehe

XX- Jenny


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