The Queen has been overthrown

So the weekend went nicely, some shopping, clubbing, catching up on work etc. The same old!

Saturday we went out to Marquee, the music was pretty much the same house beat for 3 hours straight, so we went home watched adventure time and munched and what not. We were able to walk home which was nice. Bri went somewhere else and the rest of our table were leaving so we just felt like we could go home and have more fun there lol

Earlier that day we did some minor shopping mid-downtown.

On Sunday I went to Long Island for a triple birthday. It was great seeing everyone and eating a bunch of good foods!Loved seeing my aunt Christel who is like a best friend and an aunt all at once!Got home late that night and didnt wake up until about 2pm on Monday because I was super sick with strep and a cold:/

I did however get dressed and went to my photography class which ended up being a lot of fun so I’m happy I did.

Here’s a few pictures of a few things I bought last week, mostly thrift shop stuff and sales.



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