what is wrong with me

Wednesday or tuesday i went downtown to see an old frand who goes to NYU, Rachel and Amber came with me. Hanged out for a bit at my friends and his roommates dorm and got going, I’m pretty sure we munched like monsters when we got home that night. AGAIN, fatties.

Thursday I had school and after school I got changed and went to the Ivana Helsinki Rotterdam Fall/Winter 2013-2014 show.

The same night we also went out to PHD, figured why not. Had a good night saw a lot of familiar faces.

The funniest part of the night was running into Sara La Fountain (a finnish chef/model) outside of another club and she remembered seeing me at the Ivana Helsinki show, funny coincidence. She seems to be going pretty international, good for her!

Friday morning was straight hell waking up for my 9am and walking to campus in rain, I literally had 3 cups of coffee to stay awake, my heart was flying out of my chest. When I got home we went grocery shopping, did some hw etc.

We were supposed to go out but it would have been nearly impossible to get a taxi in the “blizzard”…but the truth is there was like no snow. Finnish girl problems when I’m just laughing at everyone freaking out about getting snowed in…theres not even snow up to your ankles, like calm down. Best part of my night was strange clouds and baking cookies. Had the worst giggles, much needed, hehe.






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