Decisions: College.

So I thought I’d talk about what starting FIT was like and College in general.

Many people think that you miss out by attending a college in NYC because it’s a rough city for mature people.That’s the key word…mature, if you are mature enough to come here you’ll make it, you would have already backed out, you wouldn’t have accepted that spot at whatever university NYU, FIT, Pace, Colombia etc.

So my point is that sometimes we doubt things but you really don’t know what’s right for you before you try it out. That’s exactly what I did, I figured well I love the fashion industry, media, advertising, marketing, photography etc. So I figured FIT was always my dream school and they offered a major that I liked, Fashion merchandizing and marketing.

Soon enough as I was applying I realized FMM wasn’t a major for me, it just hit me. That was when I found out about their AMC program (advertising marketing communications). This was 10 minutes before applying, but I knew it was right, or what I wanted to do, at least give it a try.

I’ve been really happy with my choice, yes my school is very different but in a great way. We don’t have sororities, frats, football games etc. but however we have so many things that other college students around the country WON’T experience. Think about it, who gets to walk to school across the best city in the world?Us students at FIT make contacts in the industry while we’re still in school. We have all these other universities around as such as NYU, which is great because as most of you might know there is way more girls at FIT than guys, and try finding a date at a school where most of the guys are gay haha…

I guess one semester at a big college would be fun, but once it’s spring time I like to go running in central park, grab starbucks at school, go to the most amazing clubs and bars imaginable, work out and be inspired by other new yorkers, taking a walk in your favorite neighborhood, eating the greatest food etc. This city really inspires me and i’m so happy I took this step forward, because trust me I had second thoughts…I was about to apply USC in South Carolina and Michigan State, among other schools. I don’t think any other school would have academically and experience wise offered me all the great things I’m receiving here.

This city never sleeps, as cliche as it sounds it’s true, even my working habits are more on point because you have to be on the go constantly, and you never ever get bored, that i’ll promise you!

So if you’re applying to Universities soon my advice is not to listen to society, because you’ll know what you want and if not, transferring is very common, explore and see what suits you, many people go wrong the first time.

Okey enough about me talking about school….sorry for boring you to death!


Can’t wait for the weekend. Rachels 21st is on monday SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

Here’s a picture I took on the way home last night!



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