Rangers win!

Omg such a long day, I woke up at 11, I have Tuesdays off so I just checked my mail & texts and took a shower. Then I did pointless shit, well I went to the post office but still. Later on I headed over to cousin Reeds and his gf Mal’s apartment!Hanged out with Mal who’s the greatest and their dog Nor, the sweetest thing ever!drank wine, took some tequila shots (etc.) avec some girl talk, perfection. When Reed got home we cooked, well they did and watched SNL shows, just talked and had a good time!Love the fact that they’re so close now that I live in the city.

When I got home I met Rachel really quick and later on me and Amber (my roomie) took a walk and hit up some cancer sticks (bad, make me stop please). Now I’m just getting the lows from “day” drinking so it’s time to pass out here’s some pictures from today!

Ohh and the rangers won tonight!yay!

The sweetheart herself giving me kisses xoxo

Oh and we ate fastlags bullar which is like a traditional thing to eat in scandinavia, so good!Mal got them at Scandinavia house!


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