Jag har samma trasor på och röker samma Marlboro



So i’ve completed my first day of College everyone!I do really like it, Italian is kinda blahh only because it lasts 4 hours (yes all together) and my ADD kicks in within the first hour and then I just totally loose control haha. So bad I can’t do 4 hour classes, scary. My “professoressa” was very helpful and seems to have a good teaching technique though so I might actually learn a 4th language!

I came home in between because my next class wasn’t until 6.30pm. I went by the dining hall and the food there actually looks pretty good, they have a starbucks in there too so I went and grabbed a blonde roast before I had to walk back in the rain. Con’s of living in the dorms that aren’t right on the campus, still like it way better here!

I just have to mention this ridiculously good looking guy I saw at the registrar office, oh my lord…I literally almost died, no like really. But this is a fashion school so he’s either gay or taken, unless dreams come true;) jk…but really.

Amber came back a bit after me, I hanged out with Sarah, a friend I know from Massapequa where I used to live senior year!She’s a sophomore so a good mentor for a FIT rookie like meh!Her friend Marissa came over as well and her roommate  Ally was there too, such nice people!

Later tonight I had my Photography Basics class, I was probably by far the youngest one there but it was all good. I think I’ll learn a lot from this class because we already got a good project for this upcoming month!And we will be using cameras with film in them, I’m excited!

Met some very sweet people today too, I also happened to see Irene, one of the girls we were at the Highland with over the weekend!Ended my night with a gym sesh joined by Rachel and Amber, and a floor meeting. Made some mac&cheese and cozied up in our beds. Perfect!I’m obsessed with my bed, it’s literally like heaven all around me. Need a friend to come cuddle with me in it to see if it fits two people, I’m kidding, unless that guy from the registrar office wants to come over obv…

So I keep forgetting things that I’ve done because I’m constantly doing things but I’ll try to write about more interesting events taking place..we’ll see, MBFW coming up soon, so I’m gna be posting my favorite collections etc. once those get released to the public. aka. little fashion whores like me, who aren’t exclusive enough to attend the actual event lol!


Some pretty pictures I took on my mac today, im diiferent yeah im different…I think me and 2 Chainz are referring to two totally different things….I guess my different isnt as cool as his. Oh well.

take care, xx


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