New Diet?

Buying your own things including groceries is such a game changer. Like I mentioned I went to the grocery store and we just got some basics…but honestly, I didn’t get anything additional such as cookies because I simply felt like it would have been a waste of money. I decided to cook my own food instead of doing the meal plan my school offers. Mainly because we have a great kitchen and the main dining hall isn’t in the same building so I would probably end up using it less than I should for it to be worth the money.

So my point here is that if anything I’ll be a freshman -15 instead of the usual +15, not complaining just saying this might not be good because knowing me I’d rather buy boxed wine and reeses peanut butter cups and skip real food, guys I need some help, someone give me good advice here, please!


Here’s me loving some Budweiser’s in the fine summer months……like whats with the duck face and all, found like 30000 pictures of me with a drink and a duck face, hate myself.

…and jut the amount of pictures I have of me drinking wine, or holding a beer, pictures of coffee, wine, beer, iced coffe, lemon water, tea, liqour, you name it….betch loves fluids.


(last picture:


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