SOOOOO I could not tell you how in love I am with college life so farrrr!Today my roomate moved in, I overslept so I didn’t wake up to her calls and I wake up as she walked in with her parents, whoooops. Well anyways I sleep with barely any clothes on so that was a little awk, but it all went well, grabbed one of the 1000 blankets on my bed haha .

A little later we headed down to the campus (our dorm is a few blocks away from the rest of the campus) for some orientation stuff, quite pointless but obv mandatory and I mean I guess we got something out of it (if we were paying attention..) Met some nice ppl and we made a good friend Rachel from Virginia who used to go to school in Texas!

After orientation (and free lunch, yeahhh buddy!) we headed over to 6th Ave. to shop at Marshells, Tj Maxx and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Bought wineglasses, plates, a lamp, a rug, mirror and a bunch of other stuff so now our dorm, or apartment as we like to call it is slowely coming together!

We already love the city life, and we even went grocery shopping, so we’re like mature as shit.

Promised myself I’d stop smoking when I move back to NY, and what happens, I buy a pack on our way home….idiot. Best part about it is that one pack cost me 13.50…fuck. And no I’m not a huge chain smoker but while living back in Europe (Finland) I got the bad habit of smoking slowly creeping on me…

Anyways we hangout at the dorm tn, Amber, Rachel & Me, talked until about 2 am. A nice little night in our cozy apartment heheh

Here’s some pictures I took while here….


it’s obviously not done yet but considering the fact that I’ve been here for about a full day, I think we’ve turned this place into a cozy little home, yay!

I ordered a monogram wall decal today too for my wall, and I’m getting a lot of pictures printed and framed to decorate my walls, it’s going to look great!Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak!!

ImageImageA lot more to come, so stay tuned!

I can’t get any of the pictures from my phone onto my mac so I’ll save some stories for tmrw, even though I’ll probs have new stories by then, oh well.

xx, -Jenny


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