Designated Driver

YES I got to drive by myself today because I had to pick up my dad and a few of his business colleagues from a business fair (?), well at this point I think they’d moved on to the bar but anyways…. So I just thought I was like really cool speeding down the highway listening to my music and basically using like two lanes because it was just me on the road, super ignorant I know lmao… Thought I’d share that with u kk?Oh and picking up my dad and his colleagues while they were drunk was quite entertaining. And they said I was an excellent driver, best part is that I was going over the speed limit and blasting whatever music I wanted, yeah I’m considerate. Jk they actually said I drove very well and I even got money lol. YAY ME.

…ohh and my friend left my house today and she accidentally left her hand brake on…so she was like pressing down the gas but barely moving and I’m running after her like TAKE THE HAND BRAKE OFFF, lawl…pretty funny.

Anyways they see me rollin, they hatinnnn yeahman. 


drive safely, xx



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