Girls become lovers who turn into mothers

Så gamla vi har blivit, vi kör, vi har relationer, måste jobba, studera, klara oss helt enkelt. Scary säger jag bara!

We’ve gotten so old, I can’t believe how those little girls grew up to be full grown women, I sound like a retired person.

Yesterday I had dinner with a few friends at Vapiano, my pasta was a little tasteless but very filling. Should have gotten the pesto pasta. After Vapiano we walked over to Hard Rock Cafe for brownies with ice cream, so good!

When I got home my dog was shaking so I got so scared that I started crying, I’m so scared of loosing him, he’s getting old. I feel like when you grow up with a dog it’s like your best friend thats always there. Since 2nd grade. People who don’t have dogs probably think us dog lovers sound ridic but they really have personalities, watch Marley and me and you’ll understand the bound between a dog and it’s owner. I’m just praying my dog makes it through a few more years as a healthy happy dog. Stay with me buddy ❤

he turned out to be fine, but lately his been sleeping underneath mu parents bed a lot which he never does, he is usually where ever we are, I hope my munchkin is fine.

Does anyone else’s dogs paws smell like popcorn?I swear my dog Lucky’s paws always smell like popcorn hehe, so strange.

Now I have to take this smelly out for a walk, sorry not sorry for making this post all about Lucky!




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