It’s a good day!

I FINALLY got my driving license!Yay me, I’m kind of like Haley from modern family. I got so nervous once I have to do my road test that I fail. But now I have a license and I never have to prove anyone I can drive again

. Yeah buddy. 

I got to choose whether we’d keep mom’s old car but we figured theres no point in that since I’ll be living in NY (far far far away from here) so we got me and mom a car to split, well I haven’t been able to drive it until now but hey better late than ever. My mom never takes the car to work so hopefully i’ll get to use it a lot during the summer when I’m back!

Just had lunch with dad, we went to the mall so I got to drive my car and get used to it. I want to drive my dad’s car sometime but I don’t think he’s trusting my skills just yet lol.

AAAnyways I’m almost done packing, meeting Henrietta, Laura and Linn at Vapiano for dinner tn, pasta pasta yeah!


ImageNo more “I call shotgun” hehehhe

Have a good one!


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