As the caption says I’m goin to talk about stripes, just a little heads up that they are back in style for spring. You probably already knew that if you’ve been following the runway shows, advertisement for s/s 2013!To me stripes are just classic and I don’t think they ever really go out of style.

Today this add by J.Crew appeared in my e-mail, this is what I love about stripes, simple yet theres a pattern involved.



I myself own a lot of striped clothes, in the two pictures below I just grabbed some random striped articles of clothing, my favorite is black or navy blue on white which is probably the most classic, I have at least 5 shirts with dark blue/black stripes, and I will not stop wearing them!Love the navy-ish feeling too.Image


Here is an old picture of Olivia Palermo (found on tumblr) wearing a striped t-shirt, perfection. How I wish I could adopt her closet full of beautiful Hermès Birkins, amazing blazers & coats, jewelry etc. her style matches mine so well!

I was also browsing as usual along with shopbop and several other heavens on the internet and spotted some cute piesces, this is just a screenshot from!

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 17.06.22

So ladies & gents stay preppy, pretty & and casually stylish in stripes, xx


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