Weekend Shenanigans

It’s monday again and I’m highly depressed (kidding) because I had the weirdest dream about being pregnant and shit that stuff was scary. Thank god I woke up and realized that I’m just a psychopath…mildly. Now I’m cuddling with my dog Lucky who smells like throw up because his little tummy was twisting and turning this morning, poor baby.

Anyways let’s go ahead and talk about my weekend… So I felt way better on Saturday, thank god. Me and my cousins (from my mothers side of the family) cooked dinner for our grandparents, so a little family bonding.

Later Saturday night me and some friends went out, after a little pre gaming at my house. We, well at least I had so much fun!Hope everyone else did as well. Lots of dancing, drinking,   chatting etc. i finlandssvenska nattlivet!Linn saved my life by sleeping over because I wouldn’t have made it home from the bus stop, I was getting blisters and my shoes were getting PAIN FULL haha, bambi on ice.

On sunday me and Tessa met our old work colleague who we worked with over the summer  of 2011. It was nice catching up and seeing him again!

Here are some pictures from Saturday night

ImageImageImageImageAlina & Me



Josephina & Me


Patricia & Josephina



Henrietta & Laura



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