Read a book you dumb b*tch.

I’m totally talking to myself in that caption…. anyways I haven’t had the time, ok BULLSHIT I’ve been too lazy to read a book in a while. I think the main issue is going to the bookstore or library and picking out a book. Like sure I could jump on the 50 Shades of grey train and just read what every single other female is reading right now. However I do not find this book very appealing to me, I might give it a shot in the future. I’m not scared of all the weird sexual content, it just seems a little BLAH to me, and all I hear about the book is about the sex scenes or suggestions (WHATEVER). Like yeah I got that but how was the actual book…like is it written well, does it keep you interested etc. Well if you read it and you’re a fan lmk!

I saw the book The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared at the bookstore the other day and I’ve actually heard it’s funny so I might read that. I also want finnish and swedish books to read. So if you know any good books (no scifi or fantasy please) that you’d recommend PLEASE help a girl out, I need to read a god damn book!Just leave me a comment or contact me via whatever suits you, thank you!


This was my bookshelf when I lived with my Aunt, Uncle & cousins on Long Island, yeah as you can tell it’d be quite empty without the heels….



2 thoughts on “Read a book you dumb b*tch.

  1. du kan ju om du vill också läsa hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann på orginalspråket, de e ju en svensk som ha skrivi den! 🙂 ja vill också läsa böckkeeer i wish i had time! o blaah e lite yadayada själv me dendä 50 shades of grey.. 🙂

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