Finally got antibiotics for my strep, even my fevers gone down a notch!

So as you people can probably guess, I’ve been laying dead in my bed the past few days, I literally can’t remember being this sick ever, as far as having a fever etc. Well I’m feeling better after several drugs entering my body, drugs as in prescription drugs lol…

Well today my dad took a look at my throat and immediately called a doctor, I avoided it for as long as possible, idk why I do that. I’m just torturing myself!Anyways so I got checked out for what obviously was a very bad case of strep according to my doctor. Ofcourse she told me not to drink on antibiotics because I might black out, so I told her thats the plan lmao…I did throw in a “just kidding” but we all know I meant it. And for the record it’s my last weekend here (in Finland) before I move back to NY so how could I not go out tmrw??Guess I can deal with a low key movie night tn!

I totally forgot to mention how freaking sweet my old man is!So I asked my dad if we could go to Stockmann (a big department store) to buy me soup, so we did. Instead of going to the food department he took me down to the electronics department and let me get the laptop case I’ve wanted for a while!I am so spoiled sometimes, so sweet of my dad. 

Here is my black leather case that I think is perfect for my 15′ macbook!I really wanted one in leather for obvious reasons, way more durable and black goes with everything!Image 



These pictures don’t do it justice, anyways the brand is called D.Bramante, I had never heard of them before but I checked out their website and turns out it’s a danish brand that designs all kinds of cases etc. for all kinds of gadgets!So if you need a nice leather case for you kindle or iphone check it out!


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