Please tell me what I saw was just misleading…

I got over thursdays bad mood pretty quickly as usual, my weekend was very good which definitely helps me move on with things. On friday me and my beautiful friend Linn had a few drinks at Colorado and then we saw the movie Texas Chain Saw massacre in 3D!!It was pretty good, kind of predictable plus we had the weirdest people sitting next to us, they decided to sit on each side of us instead of next to each other…and they talked ALL THE TIME. like what the hell…anyways a little scary but nothing crazy!

On saturday I slept in and around 2pm my friend Tessa picked me up, we headed over to the grocery store and went back to her house. We saw two movies Revenge of the brides maids and I hate Valentine and did some cathing up!!:)The first movie was actually funny and quite good, the second one however…sucked, plain weird if you ask me.

After eating and watching movies our friends Alina and Laura picked us up and we just drove around and talked for a bit, we took Tessa home a little later, picked up Linn and went to McD’s lol trashfood lovers duhh, got a good laugh from a few things that happened during that trip, but I really can’t and wouldnt talk about it on here haha….

Yesterday I met Tessa at the gym, got some paperwork done and saw the movie The Impossible, let me just tell you how amazing this movie is, seriously. It was so well made and right from the start I had extreme anxiety just imagining what it was like being there in ’04 when the tsunami hit Thailand, Indonesia etc. It’s just so devastating, but at the same time all those survivors come together to help find bodies and missing people, and the story about the family that the true story is based on, is just so heart warming and sad all at the same time!One of the young actors in the movie (a seven year old) looked just like this kid Will I used to babysit one summer in NJ, him and his 3 brothers, so the movie also brought back good memories that way!We’re all really so fortunate and lucky to never have experienced any kind of natural disaster like that!wow RIP victims of the Tsunami in 2004.

Today I applied for a student loan, not too much just a little so that my parents won’t have to pay for my whole education!I cleaned my room (finally) etta (henrietta) came over for a bit, finally gave her bday gift to her…long overdue whooopsiess. Later on I wanted to visit my friend at work (she works at a gasstation haha) so my friend Alina picked me up, we also met laura, tessa, henrietta and her bf Toni there…haha like a god damn “meeting”. I actually had to pick up my new passport with my US visa in it there because that’s where the closest post office is!:)

So in other words I need some excitment in my life but at the same time I’m just trying to enjoy the little things and spending time with my best friends here in Finland. I’ll add pictures once I get iCloud to work…too lazy to ipload them, sorry not sorry. xoxo take care


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