had the worst day in a veeery long time, well I did get my US visa which is a good thing. Anyways everything made me go insane I guess I’l talk about it tmrw. Once I found out one of my best friends lost a family member today I felt like an ass and realized this is why I’m never upset because my problems just aren’t that big of a deal and theres always people going thrpugh far worse, well thats why I never talk about my tiny problems, why bother! But hey I’m always the overly positive one with a bright smile so I got a little break THANK GOD.

So sorry for your loss if u see this, lots of hugs to you and your family, ily!

btw met laura and linn for coffe the other day and ohhh memory lane we just had so many memories to talk about!miss them good old days…

Let’s just brighten up the night/day/morning by bringing back this picture kevin took of me in my element aka. being a man, jersey, eating pizza…drinking beer, yeah I’m attractive ik.Image




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