Sunshine state


So it was a little cloudy all week in FL however we enjoyed it, we’ve been there so many times that we decided to more or less skip the tourist stuff and just enjoy the warm weather (even though it was cloudy). Soooo here are a few pictures I took!I think this is the least amount of pictures I’ve ever taken on any vacation, ohh well keeping it oldschool. Enjoy lalalalala

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSo I didnt really talk much about what I got for christmas. I think?did I?

When I was visiting one of my besties and my fellow busted betch Nicole (yea we do seriously call our selves that and my twitter name is snowwhite_jenny, idek why haha.) anyways in Philly I fell in LOVE with this orange MK bag, it’s very simple and it fits my 15′ inch macbook pro!perrrrfect and I obviously always wanted an orange Hermés Birkin for like all my life but as we know an 18 year college student won’t be walking around with a birkin!Not in this life anyways lol. So this is my newest comer to zeee collection al’a jenny!woop woop, i’m obsessed!The Louis Vuitton Neverful is my mothers, I kind of wanted that in MM but my mom already has that one (which is a size smaller) so I figured that’d be silly, plus i love my damier ebene speedy, even though It’s had a rough ass life haha….yeah I’m good at ruining and destroying things, whoops. So anyways now youve met my new babe, and other than that I got money, the classic pyjama, chocolate etc.!So I’m very satisfied plus christmas is all about being with the ones you love, super cliche but it’s true.


Anyways I’m happy I got to be in the sun for a little bit considering I hate the cold…:(


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