Christmas in Florida

So I haven’t really been able to update my blog as much as I wished. However me and my family are finally in Florida after A LOT of traveling. Made a new friend on the plane, a Cali dude, he studied in sweden for a semester so we had a bunch to talk about…featuring a few too many drinks (yes, on the plane). Oh well it made the 9 hour flight from Copenhagen to Washington D.C flyyy by!We also had a crazy swede/dane who was extremely drunk and quite hysterical sit next to us, well on my right. So by the time we landed we were drunk and tired which was totally fine by me, considering I (along with my fam) had a lovely 17 hours of driving ahead of us!Soooo we drove and drove, I was passed out majority of the time but my parents and brother barely slept, usually it’s the opposite, guess I was none the less blacked out lmao.

So enough about the whole traveling…yesterday we met up with some finnish family friends who are also staying here over christmas. Went out to dinner etc. me and the oldest son in the family played some tricks on the youngins, good times. Had dinner at a steakhouse (SO NON TRADITIONAL…it was christmas eve!) and had some drinks. Today we got up early and met up with our family friends once again, went to the beach etc. Thankfully we already celebrated christmas at home in Finland before we left so we’ve just been enjoying the sun.

Probably forgot about half the activities we’ve done so far but thats fine, now I’m gna hit up the gym and then we’re going to the hotel our friends are staying at and having some sort of christmas day dinner.

xoxo, JP


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