Shitty, shittier, but not the shittiest…

The caption seems appropriate since my year was real shitty but I’m very lucky to be alive. Been through a lot since January but I think it’s only made me stronger and possibly more positive than most 19-20+ year olds. Sounds very cliche but it’s really true, you don’t appreciate the little things as much unless you’ve gone through something heartbreaking, painful, or just really rough.

The most recent downfall happened about a week ago as a car hit me while I was crossing the street and ran over my foot. It was 100% the drivers fault as he was looking at his phone. I’m not one to sue but in this case I am since he has caused me lots of discomfort, pain and inconvenience regarding every day actions. Who knows maybe I can get some money out of this towards my college tuition or rent.

As of today I’ve gone to physical therapy and hoping for a quick recovery since I am currently looking for a new apartment!I have another doctors appointment today which better go well or I will be admitted to the ER…again. Anyways at least it’s the weekend and I’m excited to blog again and will be posting some of my favorite looks from fashion week!(All of them) NYFW really went by so quickly and I really didn’t get a chance to attend ONE SINGLE EVENT since I’m commuting to my aunts house to the city meanwhile I’m in between apartments and also been busy with the injury etc. Makes it hard to get around and cabs are expensive…plus my armpits & arms hate me for jumping around on crutches.

A picture of my favorite sandals before I broke both the sandals and my foot haha

XX- Jenny

too much.

I think the only pair of shoes I’ve worn the past month are my Birkenstocks. I came to the realization that these shows rule my life but I need another pair of sandals for the season. And no flip flop are strictly for the beach or for runs to the deli….


I have white birks and was thinking black or brown (cognac shade) wedge sandals, but with an even wedge, or those high gladiators, that Alexander Wang already “brought back” about a year ago. But people finally caught up?

Idk what’s it going to be…

“Only real travelers can handle the pressure and exhausting feeling that comes from being a stand by passenger”

It’s been far over 24 hours since I left my house in Brooklyn, NY. I was at JFK aaaalll day yesterday. No hope. Accompanied by about thirty other stand-by passengers. Two of them made it to Fort Lauderdale, that was the 5th or 6th flight that I was hoping to get on that day. Eventually I decided to at least head anywhere south. I would have changed vacation plans and gone to San Fran or New Orleans but sadly my luggage has been in Florida since 9.30 am…since yesterday, so it made it’s way there. Owner, not so much. And vacation with no change of clothes or hygiene products?No thank you.

Well anyways headed down to Washington-Dulles Intl. & got a connection to Charlotte, NC. Stayed in a shitty airport hotel that looked a little like something out of a horror movie and slept with the light on. Note I NEVER sleep with the light on but I’m pretty sure the door wouldn’t even lock properly ok?

I was very wishful of getting a flight early this morning and jumped on the shuttle at 5.30 am. Well I made it here but so did 11 other stand by passengers all just staring at the board as our flight said “taxiing” aka. no seats for us.

Just changed my flight to destination; Miami hoping I actually make it this time, there’s actually some hope this time around. Wish me luck!Still have to make it to fort lauderdale from Miami but hey thats’s what trains and busses are for, nothing can phase this bish.

P.S. The whole purpose for this trip was to spend sometime by myself and thinking about some quite significant life changing decisions, but hey at least I can add this to the “tap me on the back I was patient” list & soon I’ve gathered quite a few of these stories so I could probably write a comical or advice book on the subject?yeah.





The pictures are from my last visit to Fort Lauderdale. Hope the weather is on my side this time.



Long day, too many thoughts, harm, mental and physical. You take the days as they come, it feels as if you’re only holding on by a thin thread. You’re just one in the crowd. Not scared but scarred. Toxins in your body make your heart beat fast, you take a deep breath and for a second you feel like it’s your last. There’s no cure but this for now, it’s not healthy but it’s a way of coping.

Sleepless nights go on, you can’t force a smile anymore, it’s all a trap, your heart skips a beat and you fall into a deep thought with all the hate that brought you to this.


-Me (a year ago) 

I can relate but I know I’ll be fine and school, work etc. will keep me focused. 

Have a great day and don’t forget to love yourselves, you are amazing. 

Spring 2014….

Made it through my two first classes, art history, which I enjoyed a lot, Professor Rich also seems very nice!My second class was english, which only lasted 30 min. Since I got out early from english I headed over to the library at school and looking at parkas for the spring. I might watch some netflix before heading to my math class…which I am DREADING. Only because I loose my interest in math faster than a balloon flying up in the air (horrible comparison, excuse meh). Anyways I  always feel rested on Mondays so I like to have my longest day be Mondays. In between math (ends at 4pm) and my social studies class at 6.30 tonight I’m taking the subway home and then we’re going to look at an apartment on Lex. Busy but at least I’m productive.

I love my new lipstick by mac which I happen to be wearing, it’s called Hang Up. (picture from their website).

Image  It doesn’t look as dark when I wear it, more red-ish.

Take Care and good luck college studentz.

xx- yeni


The new year…

Ik I’ve been slacking but here are a few pics from NYE with my two besties back in Finland, we had a low key BUT absolutely great NYE!As you might know I spent my christmas break home in Finland, a lot of our friends were traveling and the rest of our friends celebrated pretty low key as well but personally I loved it. Just the three of us until midnight and then we took a cab to town and stopped by a few clubs, stole vodka sodas and pretended to be foreign, always a good time with L&L.

Here are some pictures!


P.S. I know this is super late!And I was wearing an old french connection dress, my vitafede bracelet stacked with some other bracelets and my black fox fur vest.




“Antioxidants help you loose your mind”

GREEN TEA addict back in action, i think, idk…I think it’s time to get a litttttle lighter, happier and healthier. Not a new years resolution, at ALL.

But all I got to say is; Green tea makes me feel good so picking up the habit of drinking 2-3 cups a day instead of coffee.